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  • NLP Research Group
    Emory University

Computer Science

Computers have revolutionized the way we live. Our group develops algorithms and applications to build innovative models with high intelligence that serve humankind more effectively.

Information Science

Information Age is the era we live in. Our group transforms the way humans analyze, extract, and organize key concepts and relations in big data for a better use of overwhelming information.

Cognitive Science

Artificial Intelligence is catching up fast but not enough. Our group seeks to find missing pieces between human and machine cognition and fill the gaps by analyzing their behaviors.

Character Mining

09/2015 ~ Present

This project tackles machine comprehension on daily conversation for explicit and implicit understanding in dialogue contexts.

NLP Toolkit

09/2016 ~ Present

This project provides state-of-the-art models developed by Emory NLP. Public APIs as well as command line tools are also provided.

Social Chatbot

06/2019 ~ Present

This project develops a chatbot with personality that shares its thoughts and feelings with you as a social companion.

Future Forecast

01/2019 ~ Present

This project finds causalities between real events extracted from news and predicts the most probable future events.

Brain Health

06/2018 ~ Present

This project aims to detect early stages of Alzheimer's Disease by analyzing patients' language patterns in their speeches.

Biomedical NLP

01/2016 ~ Present

This project develops NLP models to analyze free text in radiology reports, clinical notes, or healthcare reports for various purposes.